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Coming Soon: “The Other Way” …in Two Parts!


The third new album, “The Other Way,” is still on its way. However, the release has been postponed. There will be no further announced date but the release will definitely happen.

This will now be a two-part release. It’s a double-sided album, but instead of your typical double-CD/ vinyl outift, it’s going to be two separate digital releases, but named “Side A” and “Side B,” like two sides of an old mixtape. “The Other Way: Side A” will hopefully be ready for release ahead of May, which is Lyme Awareness Month. Our hope for “Side B” is to release it by the end of the year. Please stay tuned right here.

Jeffrey Dicera Music page on Facebook, and my Reverbnation page will have updates as well. Thank you all for your continued support!

The album’s concept is a very special thematic adventure about survival, in ways you might not have thought possible. Its proceeds will go to the fight against Lyme across various support organizations.

A new video will be released shortly featuring the forthcoming single, “A Reason to Walk,” dedicated to Lyme Disease Awareness. The special “Survival Awareness Live Set” will feature at least one song from the new album each time out. More plans are in progress for further upcoming events to benefit Lyme. Stay tuned for more info.

Silent Soundtrack

SilentSoundtrack“Silent Soundtrack,” my new album which inspired the musical that took place in Cambria, is available online, and a direct supporter of the Spirit of Harmony Foundation, Todd Rundgren’s new organization supporting music education for youth throughout the nation.

You can buy the album on Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, and Google to help get its message out on more popular platforms, or you can stream it on Spotify and Rdio, or play individual tracks on Soundcloud and Reverbnation. Either way, you’re keeping a once hidden message and personal crusade alive, which mainly supports my music teacher and her legacy as a prominent music teacher and educational pioneer. The album also gives voice to those who’ve lost jobs that they otherwise were born to do, as well as other things that go unspoken for.

For photos from the live musical presentation, please click here.

A Thread of Hope

thread“A Thread of Hope” is like a dramatic mini-series set to music of all styles, including the acclaimed pop finale, “Javier’s Theme.” There is an underlying hope through every story as you listen. Along with Stories and Lyrics (link) you can also listen to special bonus tracks, and an alternate “epic” version of “Javier’s Theme.” It is quite a journey either way!


“A Thread of Hope” and “Silent Soundtrack” can be purchased at:

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Booking Information: I am currently available for any live and session work on drums, keyboards, and vocals, with a strong emphasis on classical and jazz-derived music made famous by The Beatles, Yes, Genesis, Todd Rundgren, and E.L.O. For more info, rates, and details, contact me at, or send me a message on Facebook at

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